Wedding FAQ

I’ve seen a significant range in pricing when looking for a photographer. What’s that about?

One of the great things about digital cameras is that it’s made it easy for everyone to pick up a camera and experiment with photography. We all seem to have that one family member who got a fancy new camera and can’t wait to show everyone how great the pictures they take with it are. However, especially when it comes to an important event such as a wedding, a professional photographer can bring more than just artistic flair to the table that is critical in making sure your once-in-a-lifetime moment isn’t missed.

First and foremost though is indeed to decide whether or not you like the photographer’s artistic style and vision. There’s no sense in settling if the photographer’s work doesn’t connect with you – whether it’s “too much” or just “not enough”.

Once you’ve found a style you like, then experience is key. A Girl and A Camera Photography has photographed weddings professionally for years and we’ve seen everything from last minute changes to controlling mother-in-laws to challenging lighting and locations. Our experience lets us roll with the punches when needed so that the photography is the last thing you need to worry about.

We also believe in the power of two – which means everything from having two photographers shooting on the day of the event through keeping at least two copies of your photos as a backup throughout the process. We even keep the final product backed up in an off-site location for you in case something happens to your copies after we deliver them to you!

Do you travel for weddings and portrait sessions?

Yes we do!  Life is too short to stay at home!  We love shooting in new places so please contact us and we’ll put together a quote for you.

Do we receive a digital copy of the images?

High-quality digital copies of the retouched images are included in all wedding packages.  Digital copies are typically delivered on an optical disk due to the large size of the files.

How many images will I receive with my wedding package?

Wedding packages typically include between 40-70 images per hour of shooting, sometimes more.  We strive to capture every moment and detail that goes into your day.

What do I need to book my wedding date?

For weddings, we require a 50% non-refundable deposit and a contract to hold your date.  The final 50% is due two weeks prior to your wedding date.  Please remember dates are limited and available on a first-come, first serve basis.

You guys are awesome.  How can we meet you?

Hey thanks!  YOU are awesome for saying such a thing!  But seriously, we love to meet with all our wedding couples before the “big day”, whether it’s for an engagement shoot or even just for a cup of coffee.  Meeting your photographers in advance means one less “unknown” thing to worry about on the event day and helps us get a great idea of what’s important to each couple.