Portrait FAQ

How do I choose a location for my portrait shoot?

We’re happy to suggest a location but are always open to discuss alternatives if there is a place you’d like to go.  Keep in mind that if we’ve previously agreed on a location for the shoot that a subsequent change in location may not be possible as other appointments may have been scheduled in the same area.  We’d like to think we’re saving the environment by scheduling this way when possible, but to be perfectly honest it also conveniently saves gas money and time as well!

What should I wear to my portrait session?

Be yourself!  We want your personality to shine through.  That said, bright colors are great and if there are going to be multiple people in the photographs make sure the colors complement each other.  “Dressing up” and getting hair and makeup professionally done can yield great results as well.

It looks overcast.  Should we cancel my portrait session?

Many people assume that a sunny day makes for a great photo opportunity.  Here’s a “pro tip” we’ll share – it’s actually the opposite!  Cloudy and overcast days are great for photography.  Don’t be afraid if it looks like rain as these days make for some of the best (and most flattering) lighting and can deliver some really interesting skies as a background!

Should I be late to my portrait session?

No!  Don’t do it!  Seriously though, we want to make sure that your session isn’t cut short or rushed due to a late arrival.  In addition (and perhaps most importantly) many things are taken into consideration when we plan on-location shoots, not the least of which is light.  We don’t want you to miss out on getting “the shot” because the lighting conditions changed.