Digital File Care

Hooray your images are here!
We want these memories to last forever, so here are a few steps to help keep them safe for years to come.
  • It’s recommended to always keep a minimum of three copies of your important data backed up and stored in separate locations.
  • Do not erase any images until a minimum of three other copies exist.
  • One set of images should be stored in a flood and fireproof safe.  – One set of images should be stored at an offsite location.
  •  Keep up to date with the latest versions of hardware, software and backup systems. The latest and greatest today may be out date in just a few years!
  • Set up a regularly scheduled backup system. Whenever possible this should occur automatically behind-the-scenes on your computer.
  • Take care of all your physical storage devices. Regardless of how you store your digital files, drives are made up of many tiny and precise electronic components and it can take only one small drop or bump to cause a component or connection to no longer work, making the whole device fail.
  • To maximize the life of your digital storage devices and media, keep them in cool, dry places.
  • Print your images!  Get your images off the computer and into your hands! Nothing is prettier than the tangible, and it will give you something to look at when the power’s out!