Only The Classics – A San Francisco City Hall & Wayfare Tavern Wedding

Imagine a wedding steeped in history, set against the backdrop of one of San Francisco’s most iconic landmarks – City Hall. As you step into this grand building, every corner whispers tales of love and celebration from years past. Now, let’s add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the mix by hosting a reception at The Wayfare Tavern – a renowned restaurant known for its classic charm and amazing food. This dream is exactly what Jaz and Michael wanted for their amazing day. Planning a wedding from another city is no easy feat but these two pulled it off.

As the ceremony concludes, Their guests were invited to join you at The Wayfare Tavern just a short distance away. This charming restaurant embodies classic feel with its dark wood accents, vintage-inspired decor, and warm ambiance. It was the ideal setting to continue the celebration in an intimate and elegant space.

A destination wedding at San Francisco City Hall, followed by a reception at The Wayfare Tavern, is a perfect combination for any couple seeking a celebration that transcends time. The blend of rich history, classic charm, and pure emotional moments will be forever etched in your hearts and minds. With a skilled photographer by your side ( that would be me) , and ready to immortalize every precious moment, your wedding day will become a cherished narrative that you can relive and share for generations to come.