A San Francisco Presidio Engagement Session with Personality and Led Zeppelin

The biggest request I get before an engagement session is “Can we bring our [insert beloved personal items like dog, cat, hamster, etc…]?” My answer is always a big YES because it’s fun for a couple to bring a bit of their personalities into an engagement session. For Sean and Alexa, their ask was “Can we bring our classic Firebird Trans Am?” And, as I excitedly told them “YES”, fun-filled memories from my youth flooded my head. As I squeezed into the back seat and we cruised around the Presidio, Led Zeppelin was blasting on the 8-track. (Yes, an 8-track!) I had a blast capturing these images for the engagement session. We hit some great spots, and even got a great pink sky and full moon. When the session was over, we exchanged high fives and big hugs, and “see you next year” for the wedding! I can’t wait – hopefully they bring their wheels along for the big day!