Q&A with Jessica of The Petal Company


A little Q&A with Jessica from The Petal Company

Q Did you always want to be a florist growing up? Why are you drawn to flowers?

I have always loved flowers but I didn’t realize until my early 20s that I wanted my career to be doing what I loved and working with them. As a little girl I was always obsessed with flowers, plants and nature. Instead of lemonade stands I had flowers stands. In high school I used to read through the Sunset “Western Garden Book” every night and just study it. In college I was so familiar with all the plants that my now Husband would quiz me, shocked him everytime with how much I knew my stuff. **There are over 8,000 plants in the book, haha!

Q How did The Petal Company start?

I have worked with flowers for 11 years. I started out in the Safeway floral department at 18 and worked for a few different flower shops through college as well as a landscape architect. Eventually, I figured out that I am going to be working for a very long time so I might as well love what I do. I mulled the idea around for probably 3 years, I had even decided on a company name back in 2007. In 2009 I decided to just jump in. I started out with a few family and friends’ weddings as well as my own and almost 4 years later we are growing at a rapid pace!

Q What is big this year in flowers?

As for color, the Pantone color of the year is Emerald but my clients are using a lot of coral and peach. We are doing a lot of free-form and natural-looking centerpieces and bouquets. Very garden-like.

Q Where does a bride and groom start when it comes to floral?

We are a custom floral and event design company, meaning we do not have a set price list. All of our clients are different so naturally their weddings are too. We like to get to know our couples and try to make their big day really reflect their personality. The first step is a complimentary consultation, where the bride and groom come into our design studio and we discuss their wedding vision. I ask that before coming in they fill out our Initial Consultation Form and bring in any inspiration photos, color swatches, etc. that will better help me understand their vision. If they are unsure of the direction they want to go in we can design the entire day for them as well, everything from menus and invitations, to floor plans, linens and lighting.

Q Where does the inspiration and design come from?

Honestly it can come from the smallest detail, a favorite color, a linen, a family heirloom, a font, etc. the list is endless. I think the best design is when it really represents the couple. The day is all about you and your love so I think the design really should just scream the couple. I love when guests walk in and say “wow this is so ______ & ______!”

Q What are some need-to-knows when it comes to wedding floral? Things that are a must and things to avoid?

I would say to be upfront about budget and pay attention to the season you are getting married in. I know it may be difficult to talk about budget but it plays a HUGE factor in not just florals but anything wedding related. Also sometimes I have clients that love a certain bloom and want it  to be a huge focus for the decor but they are getting married at a time when the bloom isn’t in season. This will one make it very difficult to get the bloom and two the price is going to be much higher. If you are set on a flower than make sure you are getting married during its peak season or be willing to pay a lot.

Q What is your dream wedding?

Honestly, I don’t know. Sorry totally not helpful but this is way too difficult to answer. I love all different wedding themes and colors and styles. There is no way I can choose one. For my actual wedding the colors were essentially chosen by my hubby. I couldn’t make up my mind.

Q What’s your favorite flower?

Wow another difficult question! haha! I can’t answer. I love all flowers equally! Yes ALL FLOWERS! They all have their place and are equally beautiful in their own way.

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