The other day I was getting a cup a coffee at one of my favorite local coffee shops. They brew a single cup at a time. As I was talking to the coffee maker (barista?) brewing my single cup of coffee, I could hear the passion and excitement he had about his craft. He said a few years ago he never thought he would be this excited about coffee. It was so fun to see someone so energized about the details that most people don’t really think about.

Dave has always loved music.  It’s something he always did – played guitar and sang.  Recently, he decided to follow his love of country music and start playing for people.  He wanted to do a photo shoot for his upcoming website.  Music was such a part of Dave’s life growing up that hearing him sing, play, and talk about music I could feel he had that same intense passion for his art.

So the theme for this week (and any other for that matter!)…  Whether it’s mochas or music, follow your passions and immerse yourself in what feeds your soul.  You never know where it will take you!