L.E.G.S. + Cia

Cia, a fellow photographer, contacted me for help with a little project she has been working on.  It’s called L.E.G.S ( An excerpt from the artist statement:

“Independent and strong women stand on their own two feet, our legs give us support, they ground us, empower us and they wrap around our lovers gently. They are something to be grateful for. I am looking for everyday women who want to be a part of something larger than themselves and give back to other women. L.E.G.S. mission is to empower women through other women’s experiences. Along with the photo each participant will include a moment when they’ve had to overcome hardship be it abuse, addiction, homlessness or anything that they feel strongly about. Coming out stronger in the end is the positive example I want to highlight.”

The problem? She needed images for her own “legs.”  I was happy and honored to be asked to help with such a positive project. Check out her website and the organization she is working with Courageous Woman.