The List

“Dwell in possibility”- Emily Dickinson

I am a big fan of “the list” ! There is nothing more satisfying than crossing off or checking an accomplished task.  With the New Year here everyone has their resolutions. Sure I could make a resolution to use that gym membership I have been paying for, or maybe not eat chocolate every day… things I should be doing and say every year.

This year I am making my Top Ten Shoot list. These are shoots I have been thinking about and never end up doing. Some are personal, and some for my portfolio.  I want to push myself creatively and I want to dwell in the possibilities.  Just take a simple concept and shoot it “outside the box”. The list might not be completed in 2012 but that’s okay. I  will be posting the shoots as I do them.  So excited to share them and see what I an check off!   Here is to a creative and Happy New Year!