365 Pictures of 2009
Dear iPhone

My iPhone is my new diary. I love the idea of a diary. I don’t know how many diaries I started as a kid and I never finished. They all started hopefully… with the intention I would write about my life. The first few pages would be filled with my newest crush, my bratty sister and all makings of that teenage angst. Then the diary entries would be less and less filled until it consisted of blank pages. I wasn’t a writer and never had the patience to sit and write. I was too busy swooning over a boy!

A few years back did my 365 project. I took a picture a day for a year and I really never stopped. I seem to take a picture every day still. One – I am a photographer and I can’t help but take pictures, Two – I have my iPhone with me all the time (as it seems most of the world around me does!).   I realized that this diary is something I can keep up. Not because I had to, but because I wanted to.  I record my life through pictures not words. I look back at all my little images and it brings me back to locations, emotions and people in my life. For me, an image is more powerful than words and a perfect way to preserve my memories.  So…..

Dear iPhone, look what I have been up to.