Letting Go and Being Thankful – 446 Times


As I frantically searched the internet for it, my heart was pounding. I was so mad and – let’s face it – I get a little obsessed!  There it was… my image, one of my most beloved images had been used in a blog and not just one blog, but it was used 446 more times according to the Google image search!  The kicker?  The photo credit was not mine, or there was no photo credit used at all.  Then I started writing everyone who used it.  I was sick.  This was my image and no one knew I took it!

My image was used from Bloggers to Tumblrs to Pinteresters.  It seemed to make it around the world from China to Chicago, France and Japan.  People changed it and converted it into horrible colors. They wrote about how thankful they were for their new jobs, their family, friends, and their lives.  Then it hit me… it was actually staring me in the face.


Really?!  I thought, “Are you actually going to write 446 different people about this picture?” As I clicked from one site to the other I began kinda smiling – That’s my image!  One of my most beloved images inspired so many people and was used 446 times!  Who knows how many readers saw my image and were inspired.  I had to let go and be grateful. Grateful I have a love and a passion for this art and it is my job. I have the means to travel (NY where the image was taken) with amazing friends. Not to mention my boyfriend Jeff who brings me down to earth when I can’t see anything else (Thank you – you were right).

I will chalk this up to experience and just be Thankful for Today!