Outstanding in the Field


” Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.” – Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

If you have read any of Michael Pollen‘s books or have seen the documentary Food Inc , you know this country has serious food issues.  The issue? We do not know what is in our food or where it comes from. And most of this “food” people are eating isn’t even food at all.  It’s a food-like substance and chemicals. I personally am very passionate about this subject.  I like to know what I am eating and where it comes from…  if it was treated humanly and what is the environmental impact. Which brings me to an amazing dinner I went to the other night.

Outstanding in the Field has been putting on dinners with this farm-to-table philosophy in mind for over 10 years now.  Not to mention their dinners live up to the name – outstanding!  The dinner takes place at a local farm, field, or beach. For each dinner they work with a local chefs, farms and wineries to bring awareness to this subject. The amazing dinner I went to this past weekend was at The Devil Gulch Farm in Nicasio, CA. This gorgeous farm is home to wine grapes and asparagus, and raises rabbits, pigs, and sheep.  The dinner started with wine in the vineyard.  They talked about the farm’s history and its mission. Then we got to take a tour around the farm. We saw the animals they raise as we heard about how the farm works. It is interesting to know that our dinner was in the fields maybe a few days ago. Our final destination was the massive dinner table waiting for us in the stable. There we dined on all the gifts this area has to offer. This is truly an amazing experience. It’s eye opening to see how much our food system has changed and how detached from the source of our food we tend to be nowadays.  This dinner is truly special and something I look forward to every year.