Lisa + Patrick | The Wedding


Everything about this wedding was special. Patrick and Lisa had dated 20 years ago. And like most relationships at that age, you break up and move on. Fast-forward to last year: with the magic of Facebook they found each other again. I couldn’t help but notice the way they looked at each other the whole day and you could see they are undeniably in love.  The wedding was at Lisa’s parents’ Rancho De Philo Winery that has been in the family for years. It was such beautiful backdrop for such an amazing day. These two have such great people in their lives who did everything and anything to make this day possible.

Another very cool thing about shooting this wedding is that I have known Patrick for 15 years and Jeff has too. Turns out that Jeff and Patrick worked together 15 years ago at a record shop. I cut Patrick’s hair at that time. I used to go to that record shop to say hi to Patrick.  Fast-forward 11 years: talking with Patrick about this great guy I just met, we realize it is the same Jeff.  It was so great for us to see Patrick so happy and to be a part of this special day. We truly are elated for these two.  Congratulations Patrick and Lisa!!!