Cristina + Greg | The Engagement Session

Cristina (a shoe designer – a girl after my own heart) and Greg are getting married. These college sweethearts are so in love. The day was perfect – that lovely light that makes my heart skip a beat. We hung out amongst the trees in the Presidio where is it quiet and still.  They love being in nature.  A place to take a break from their busy lives. It amazes me when you stop and just let yourself be in the stillness all that you start to see. It’s like when I look through the lens and how much I see and  I can get to know about a couple. I noticed the way Cristina looks at Greg and gives him that smile. A smile that means so much to Greg. And the way Greg takes Cristina’s hand and kisses her shoulder. It’s always such beautiful thing to witness. With so much in this world that isn’t pleasant it’s nice to stop and notice the good, the things that matter. Congratulations you two!