Chrissie+Dave: The Engagement Session

When you ask them how they met, it’s a pretty funny story.  Or maybe it’s the way these two tell it.  Chrissie (a Long Islander via San Francisco) met Dave (Austin, Texas-born and raised) on New Year Eve.  It’s a long story but to hear it told by the comedy stylings of Chrissie and Dave it will have you rolling on the floor with your belly hurting from laughing so hard.  Chrissie’s humor with that great Long Island accent is priceless, and Dave is perfect as the “straight man”. Let’s just say they work perfectly together.

The gist of the story goes like this:  Chrissie and Dave meet through a mutual  friend and they were all hanging out on New Years Eve. Chrissie was over dating at this point and just wanted to hang out with friends. Dave on the other hand fell head over heals from the moment  he met her. He says, “I saw her and I knew!” Chrissie was like, ” Who is this kid?  I live in San Francisco and he lives in Austin – absolutely not!” The night progressed to some drunken hijinks. Let just say it involves a passed-out Dave and a camera (I really hope they show those pictures at the wedding).  A few months later and with a little help from their friends (having Chrissie and Dave end up in the same place one night unbeknownst to both of them) Chrissie started to see this guy was something special. With several long distance phone calls and weekends and months behind  them, this Long Islander via San Francisco moved to be with the Austin, Texas born and raised.

Now engaged, I am truly happy for these two.  And I can’t wait for the wedding in November.