Madeline + Paul and Loki Too!

You ever miss someone so bad? I  have… Jeff will go somewhere for a week and at first – okay it’s kinda nice. Things are where I left them or I can watch bad TV… and nobody is hogging up the whole bed (that would be me). Then it feels like something is missing, the house feels so empty and I miss him.

Madeline wanted to get pictures of her and Paul (Loki too – their dog) before he went back to Iraq. Paul is in the home stretch! It’s his last tour. He will be there for six more months then he is done. She wanted to have some pictures of them together so when she missed him she could look at them and have the memory of the day.  It must be hard  for someone you love to be gone for so long. This couple is so sweet together. They have something really special and I hope the time apart flys by for both of them and Loki too.