Makani + Donovan + Sedona

I heard the most beautiful story the other day. It was the story of how Sedona got her name. It goes a little like this: Makani and Donovan were having a baby – a girl. It was a home birth. Donavan had the honor of naming her. The birth went great but with the name there was a delay. Donovan thought and thought…. Finally two days later, he had a name.
He asked Makani “Would you like to meet your daughter?”
She smiled and said, “Sure, what is her name?”
He said, “This is your daughter Sedona!”
“Sedona? Why Sedona?” Makani asked.
Donovan explained, “Remember our first trip we took together? Our trip to Sedona, Arizona? We drove and got there at night. It was so dark we couldn’t see anything. We went to bed and when we woke in the morning we were amazed to find ourselves surrounded by such beauty.
Our daughter reminds me of this. After nine months, when we could finally see her we were unbelievably amazed to find ourselves in the presence of such breathtaking beauty. She is Sedona.”