The Engagement Sessions: Dana and John

Dana and John have been together for a while now. I think she said 7 years. They tease each other with ” UG! We have been together foooooreeeeever” But who are they fooling? They truly LOVE each other. You can tell that they definitely compliment each other and are very happy together. We (including John’s Mom) went out the other day and did a very special engagement shoot. Part one was traditional Korean wedding wear at the request of John’s Mom. She wanted a little of their culture represented. She helped dress them. The traditional wear had many layers and was very colorful. Mom was cute helping adjust the garments throughout the shoot.

Part two was a beach shoot.

We went to Baker Beach and got some shots. I love Baker Beach I just know if it’s a warm day that might mean a little more Photoshop work – it’s a nude beach on one end. So, yes my clone stamp went into over time on this one. We forget to tell John’s Mom about the nakedness….Oops! The look on her face…

It was a great time. We can’t wait for the wedding next year!!!!