Meghan and Igor- The Wedding

Any couple that wears Converse on their wedding day is cool in my book, and Meghan and Igor definitely made that book! I am a shoe freak. I love them all, especially the ones with 4 inch heels and that cost 4 times what a regular pair would. I walk through the shoe department drooling and falling in love. Or… lust. No, love. Unfortunately, running around at a wedding for 8 hours in heels is a bad idea. Most brides would love to wear a pair of Christian Louboutin all day long but it…. HURTS! Meghan and Igor were smart and fashionable and most of all – comfortable! Meghan wore a beautiful silver pair of Converse and her girls wore sage green to match their dress. The boys of course wore black Cons -perfect!

The wedding was at Eagle Ridge Golf Course. It was my favorite kind of wedding – lots of love, tears (the good kind), laughs and dancing! See? Wearing the Converse paid off. It was a perfect day for really great people!

Congratulations Meghan and Igor!