Joelle and Lance's Wedding

Joelle and Lance’s wedding was a beautiful wedding – the kind of wedding I love. The location was Costanoa, an amazing resort on the California coast by Pescadero. Where mountains meet trees and overlook the ocean. An ideal place for a wedding – the ideal place for Lance and Joelle. Everything was perfect and peaceful. The fog burned off when it needed to and rolled back in at just the right time.  Like this place, Joelle and Lance are perfect and peacefull together.  You know how you feel when you take in a deep breath and you let it out…..well that is the feeling I see when these two are together.

The wedding itself also embodied who this couple is. From the flowers to the rustic feel to all the little details. One great idea they had – instead of favors they donated money to the SPCA, a cause they are very passionate about. Joelle had two pairs of shoes – lovely heels and of course for the reception party she changed into cowboy boots. Friends and Family laughed and cried (the happy kind of course) with amazing vows and toast. We really got some amazing images for this beautiful day.

Congratulations Joelle and Lance!