Jessica and Steven's Wedding

Driving up to the venue I felt butterflies. I never get nervous before weddings anymore. But this one was different. It was different because I have known Jessica for a long, long time. I’m also her hairstylist. I have heard about each step of the wedding planning for a while now. I would hear her excitement, her stress, her ideas and her disappointments. It is not easy planning a wedding and I know the journey that they had been through to bring us to that day. So “my nerves” were on edge because I wanted this day to be amazing for them. Of course I want all my couples to have amazing days, but since every six weeks I would get the updates on this wedding I was emotionally involved in it more than usual.

The best part of the day was the two dresses. One dress was a sexy, slim-fitting dress from Amy Michelson.  Dress Two was her mother’s wedding dress, which she wore for the ceremony. No one knew about the two dresses. It was very special. Her dad had to wipe away his tears and Steven grinned as she walked down the aisle.

Needless to say, everything was perfect. Jessica was beautiful and Steven was handsome! Happiness filled the room as did all the gorgeous flowers. Jessica’s day job is a tennis instructor but her dream job? Florist. Extra detail was spent on flowers. Friends and family laughed and cried and danced – boy did they dance! At the end of the night Jessica and Steven walked under a bridge of sparklers. Which, by the way, was the most exciting and (in my mind) dangerous thing I have ever shot. It looked awesome, but I had to walk backward in the dark, dodge candles on the ground, and avoid ending up with my hair bursting into flames. (Okay, maybe I am being overly dramatic but at the time…) At the end, they hopped in a vintage Rolls Royce. It was such a beautiful send off.

It was a great day and I was so happy to be part of it! Congratulations you two…..have a beautiful life together!