Dance Like No One Is Watching……
My BFF Tracy has always been a true believer in this statement. Me too, it’s just something I sometimes forget. Lately she has taken this idea to new levels. She has been obsessed with West African dancing and drumming. Finally I got a chance to check it out.
The night of her party was warm. She lives in an amazing place – I would almost say “magical”. She wanted to bring together all these parts of her life that had only heard about each other and never met. There was great people, food, dance and music. (oh and of course a camera and me)
I have always loved dancing. When I was young I would be mesmerized by Ginger, Fred and my favorite Mr Gene Kelly. This was no exception. It was just beautiful. I wish I would have put my camera down and tried to shake it like a Polaroid picture (mind you, you’re not actually supposed to shake Polaroid pictures – IJS). I definitely am going to be taking a class with Tracy very soon!