Yummy… ( I can think of no title more perfect for this post!)
To me there is nothing more lovely than good food. Jeff thinks I am crazy the way I just swoon over a amazing dinner or a piece of french cheese. I think if I wasn’t a photographer I would have to be a chef. I love to cook and I love to eat. I guess, in a way, photography is like cooking. It is such a creative process. There is a definite art in taking all these elements and marrying them in a way that highlights the beauty of the flavors and textures. And to posses such a talent? These people are true artists.
One of these “true artists”, Luisa Ormonde, invited me to an olive oil tasting seminar. Luisa is a talented chef and owns Luisa Catering. Every day she posts what she is making on her Facebook page and every day it sounds amazing. I finally got a chance to taste some of her cooking. The other day she created some magic for Sigona’s Farmers’ Market olive oil tasting and event at La Honda Winery. She did all these amazing bits. I was there to capture the tasty morsels (oh and eat a few of course). I had to work fast because it went quick. All I can say is DE-LISH!