Summer Light

“Summertime, when the living is easy…”
I always jump at the chance to work with models. I love to do a shoot sometimes just for its own sake. It’s a great way try out a new lens or techniques or just to practice. Kristina contacted me some time ago and wanted to shoot with me. Finally we had the time this month to do it. I wanted to do something “summer-y”, especially since I have been freezing all summer long in SF. I know – I am a wimp!
The moment I met Kristina I knew she would be easygoing and fun hang out with. Not to mention that beautiful red hair and freckles! (I love “gingers”….) We went hiking around this beautiful park in Belmont on a hot summer day on the peninsula. We talked about her wedding, modeling and her love of photography. We stopped many times along the way to capture the light – that beautiful light! I wanted just a simple summer shoot and capture that glow that I love so very much.