The History of Me……

 Layers of years filled the boxes that now line the halls of our new apartment. Moving is never easy and is always a bit overwhelming. But it’s been almost a week now and things are settling down. Going through my life (the boxes), I realized I was truly meant to be a photographer.  I picked up a camera at a very young age. My dad was a photographer on a cruse liner and photography was always a part of our lives. I 

 took my first black and white photography class in junior high school.  From that point on I was captivated by the magic of a photograph’s creation – the recording of the light, the capturing of a moment. I always looked to learn more about it in high school, college and an assortment of community classes. Photography was always a part of me. 

Some people craft amazing stories in written word, others tell beautiful tales in song. I take pictures. Photography is my voice. I see the world and the things in it as art, with emotion behind everything. One of my favorite quotes is from the French painter Paul Cézanne:

A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.

Emotion is what makes us, feeds us, drives us and destroys us. There is something so beautiful in that. I strive to convey this emotion through my photography. 
Not written with words or song, but written with light. 

I feel truly blessed that photography is my life.