Aimee and Paul

Aimee’s face lights up when she sees Paul, and when Paul looks at Aimee it’s likes she is the only person in the room. The first time I met Aimee and Paul was on their wedding day and I could tell in the first few minutes these two people belonged together.

Being a wedding photographer (especially a hopeless romantic wedding photographer) I feel so lucky to be able to tell the story – the story of love and of family, friends and lots of laughter. For me that’s what life is really about. Aimee and Paul’s story was definitely filled with so much of this life. It was everywhere from the love they have with each other, to the love they share with friends and family. The aforementioned hopeless romantic girl that I am, I tend to cry at weddings and this one was a doozy for sure – and more than once. I even found myself laughing out loud behind my camera a few times. Aimee and Paul thanks so much for letting us be a part of your day and telling your amazing story filled with so much life!