Once upon a time there was this Girl who was in this bar of all places watching a band play. She was standing there minding her own business. Next thing she knows The Boy she was standing next to had dropped his hat. She picked up the hat and handed it back to him. They have been together ever since.
That was three years ago today! That girl was me and that boy was Jeff. The best boyfriend a girl could ever have.
He has supported me from day one. He is truly is my best friend and my number one fan. He calls me out when I am being a brat and cheers me up when I am sad. He is my second shooter and my tech support. He just makes me happy. And at the end of the day there is no other place I like to be is in “the nook” (not The Nook as in e-reading but that sweet spot).
Happy 3 years my love and thank you for all you do and are.
I love you blue eyes!