What I Learned In School Today…

When I was a kid my dad would always ask “What did you learn in school today?” “Nothing!”, I would say. We’ll hope it wasn’t always the truth. But I definitely did learn something in school today!

I had the opportunity to be part of a fun little project. A dear friend and client asked me to photograph her kindergarden class. The images are going to be part of a book the kids are putting together… an “all about me” book. Sounded fun!

However, on the way to school, I got a speeding ticket! I was so mad! I have not gotten a ticket in years and it was for only 5 miles over the limit. I was brewing with oppressed rage all the way there. How could he! Really?! Grrrrr! I am going to fight this!…. I thought. Anyway, I got to the school and it was time to work.
Still feeling my irritation, I got my gear ready. I was introduced to the class. “Hi Ms Jennifer!” the kids sang. The teacher instructed the kids to line up and I started photographing each child. As they each stepped up one by one to my shooting area – some kids with wide eyes and big smiles, others a little shy and unsure – I started to realize the simple innocence and joy these kids have. I watched them look amazed at the camera and seemingly the world itself. Before I knew it I had forgotten my irritation over… over the… umm… what was I irritated over? Oh yeah – that goofy ticket.
I think it’s important to think like a kid sometimes. Pay attention to the simple things. Be amazed and don’t forget to laugh!
Hey Dad – guess what I learned in school today!