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About First Exposures ….

Art is not so much expressing oneself, as it is discovering oneself. Anawanitia

As you may or may not know the proceeds of my book are going to First Exposures!
It is tough growing up these days …well tough growing up period! I know If didn’t have art and photography when I was a teenager I would have been lost. That’s why we need programs like First Exposures!

Unfortunately, So many arts programs are needing funding. You can help by purchase my book !

Here is a little more information about First Exposures:

First Exposures provides a creative outlet for students to express themselves in a safe and supportive environment, and encourages them to become articulate, confident, and responsible young adults. In 2008 First Exposures expanded its program by introducing a digital photography class in order to serve more youth.

Mission:First Exposures is a unique mentoring program that uses art education to develop transferable skills and foster supportive intergenerational relationships between artists and under-served Bay Area youth. Students and mentors meet weekly for a year and work toward a final project, which in the past has included exhibitions, public billboards, and the book First Exposures.

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