Music is their Passion

Lenny and Ana are DJ’s, producers, good friends, and share many common bonds. One of them is the drive to do what you love. In this case? MUSIC! They both have a passion for music. They make it and love to play it. Lenny and Ana were lucky enough to win a sitting with me. I was lucky enough to hear their incredible story of what brought them to this point…. to quit their day jobs and make and play music full time.

One day last year changed their lives forever. They were at Lenny’s house working on some tracks. Ana wasn’t feeling well and was really sleepy. She took a little nap. When she woke, she had the worst headache she had ever had. She asked Lenny, “What does an aneurysm feel like?” He replied, worried, “I don’t know!” Next thing, Ana was having a seizure. 911 was called and she was rushed to the emergency room. She was indeed having an aneurysm and they gave her a 10% survival chance.
After surgery and months and months in the ICU, she made sure she was in that 10%. She came out of it with only one side effect: possessing a new awareness that life is short but sweet and you gotta do what you LOVE – your PASSION! For Lenny’s sake, seeing his friend go through all of this changed him too! They now focus on music 100% of the time.
I love when people follow their hearts and dreams. I wanted to share their story. Maybe it will inspire someone out there. It inspired me! Good luck, Lenny and Ana! Can’t wait to see and hear what happens next.