Tamera and Dave – How We Met in 10 Words Or Less

Tamera thought on the day they met – “So are we going to make out or what?” Here

it is, four years later. I guess they did! Tamera and Dave were the winners of my little
“How We Met” contest. Sunday evening we headed over to Yerba Buena Gardens,
a place I have walked by many times. I’ve always wanted to do a shoot
there. They liked the idea. When I do a shoot I always get so excited. I wish my
subjects could see what I am seeing.
Witnessing how they were together I commented “You guys are so cute”. Dave doubted my
excitement. “Cute?” he laughed. Well, the funny thing is when he saw the pictures he said, “We are cute!”
See? I know what I am talking about! Here’s a few examples.


Thanks so much, Jen! These went so far beyond anything I would have ever expected! You definitely have a talent for bringing out the best in locations you scope out. And, as always, I love your style!

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