Love Story in 10 Words or Less Contest

I read this story today about a couple who met on Facebook. I am sure this happens all the time. Well, the cool things is…. they share the same exact first and last name. Read all about here!

Well, being the hopeless romantic I am, I love hearing about how couples meet. This got me thinking about my own love story of “how we met.” Which brings us to this little contest and the challenge!

Here’s the deal – tell the story of “how you met” in ten words or less. It can be true or fiction. It can be past, present or made up. Who cares… I am looking for fun and creative! BUT make it in ten words or less.

So here’s mine
A fallen hat I handed him, he smiled, I knew….

Just post a comment with yours and the winner will get a free portrait sitting! Must post by 7/24/09 12:00pm (Pacific)

Good Luck, I can’t wait to read them……