Ka Ka Katie…

What can I say? I love glamor and vintage. Katie was perfect for The Clift Hotel in Downtown SF. Hair? Check! Make-up? Check! Cute vintage-inspired outfit? Check! Okay… but wait! This is a hotel and people are bound to stare… The hotel might kick us out! We feared disaster of a brutal nature!

However, after knocking back a few Gin Bucks (three to be exact)…………

Gin Buck
1 shot gin
juice of 1/2 a lime
ginger beer or ginger ale
lime slice for garnish
Pour the gin over ice in a rocks glass, add lime juice and stir. Fill glass with ginger beer or ale. Stir, add lime slice.

Delicious! Fears melted. We were ready to storm the hotel and do our vintage-inspired shoot. Up, down and all around we went. With the assistance of my friend Kim, I think we did an awesome job. I just love these.

Pour yourself a Gin Buck and enjoy!