Location Location Location

For the average person a stroll in the park is, well… a stroll in the park. For me, it’s a location for a family portrait, engagement session or wedding. It’s the back drop that will highlight these people who let me in to their intimate moments. I see a tree or some brush and think, “Oh yes, she would stand here, or I would put them under this bridge.”

One day my boyfriend and I had the fortune to stumble upon this great spot in Golden Gate Park. Of course I was enjoying our day in the park, but I was also think PHOTO SHOOT PHOTO SHOOT PHOTO SHOOT! So, when Melissa said she finally wanted to do a family portrait of her adorable little family I knew exactly where to go.

Here are a few… I just love the textures, the colors and the architecture of Golden Gate Park. I have a feeling this isn’t my last shoot here either!