Photo Safari….

I have been living in San Francisco for almost 4 years now. It really is one of the most beautiful and eclectic cities in the world. However, I am sometimes rushing around so much I don’t stop to smell the roses (or, in this case the Peking Duck).

The other day I went on a photo safari to Chinatown. It was a warm October day (travel tip – best time to come to SF) and I spent 3 hours combing the streets. I was looking for those little things you might miss every day. I went down dark alleys and bustling streets collecting images. At one point I forgot I was in San Francisco and and felt like I was in a city in China. Life changes so fast. There is something about looking through the camera viewfinder for a little while that helps me slow down, pay attention, and yes – smell those roses… errr… ducks.