Exuding Cool

On Monday, the boys from Elf Farm Raffle and I set out for a photo shoot on the streets of San Francisco. Even though they were excited about creating cool new images of the band for promotional materials, these boys were reluctant about the process.

You see, five years ago they did a photo shoot. Imagine this: a very cold night on a hilltop, huddled around a couch (they had to carry that couch up that hill) and an old guitar. This wasn’t so cool .

How does one convince six camera-shy guys to smile for the camera? I promised – no hill, no couch, no old guitar, and lots of beers at the end of the shoot. We were cool.

The boys were real troopers, posing all over San Francisco. In the Mission District, graffiti, murals and old buildings made for cool backdrops.

Muni provided a very urban feel as well, though admittedly, not as cool as the rundown NYC Subway or the classic Metro in Paris – two places I would love to shoot!

Last stop – the The 500 Club. Although the pool table is gone, it still houses the BEST jukebox in San Francisco, and of course, beer. Staying true to my word, we sat down for a round. Beers in hand, and it was a wrap.

Some guys just exude cool.

Check out Elf Farm Raffle’s Blog and read their account of the photo shoot.