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We are a team passionate about telling people’s stories. We believe life is not ordinary and flawless – and there is beauty in that. All of our images are hand-crafted from start to finish and our heart and soul goes into the creation of them.

We are inspired by love.

We call San Francisco home but travel worldwide.

About the Girl:

I am Jennifer Michelson and I am the girl behind the camera. I created A Girl and A Camera Photography in 2008 but have been around cameras my whole life. My Dad was a photographer so I learned from the best. Some people craft amazing stories in written word, others tell beautiful tales with music. I take pictures. Photography is my voice.

Something you should know about me: I will probably cry at your wedding. I cry at all of them. I will make all sorts of OOOH’s and AHHHH’s (only when appropriate of course) behind the camera. What can I say – I love my job and it’s my passion.